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Istanbul /Turkey/34384

Phone:+90 532 409 82 46

Who Are We?

We believe that nothing in this world happens without a reason. Good things, though, happen when there are enough of those who believe in goodness. The Nott was founded for a reason as well, 

The gift of a starry evening born from the seeds of a simple idea...

Turkish design brand

Headquarters in Istanbul

Products sold in more than 10 countries

Our design product selection includes:

Handmade jewelry for men and women from 100% natural and recycled materials.

Crochet garments for men and women, knitted with 100% natural and recycled yarns...

What We Believe In

Thinking green – We are always in search of solutions to give more to nature than we take from it. 

Daring to do different – We’re not afraid to try new things and follow our heart even if the end result might seem a bit unusual at first. We’re here to create new designs and solutions instead of copying the existing ones.

We can always do better – The development never stops, whether it’s the next step in our customer experience or constantly improving our products.

Deeper meaning in our products – None of our products is made for the sake of making a product; they all have a story to tell.

Creating emotions – Our mission is to surprise our customers in every step, so we always try our best to make the experience unique.




At The Nott, we do everything we can to minimize our ecological footprint. We produce little and self. That’s why we always use Natural and environmentally friendly materials in our production. The materials we use are generally natural stones, wooden pieces, cotton ropes, etc.


We plant a tree for every product we sell to make sure our impact is even smaller! As the saying goes, “From where you take, put something back.” For every product purchased, our team will plant a tree in the following year as part of our conservation initiative.

Those who buy our products should be proud of themselves because they became a part of history not only for themselves but also for nature!



Monday - Friday: 11.00 - 18.30


Saturday: 11.00 - 17.00


Sunday: 12.30 - 16.30 

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