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The Nótt is a Creativo brand that produces Unique Handmade Clothing and Accessories.

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When paying with your credit card, you will be using the Iyzico infrastructure, which is used all over Turkey. You can make your payment quickly and securely with the debit and credit cards of all banks. Your debit and credit card information is only used when ordering and is never recorded in the database.

Your credit card, which you will use for payment in our system, must have 3D support. It is not possible to make payments from our system with credit cards that do not support 3D Secure. For this reason, we recommend that you have the phone connected to your credit card with you for SMS confirmation. In addition, if your card is disabled for internet use, you should contact your bank to be able to shop online. If you have a problem with the payment part of your purchase, you can contact us at



Things to consider when making a wire transfer/EFT:

To your e-mail address when you confirm your order; Your order information, order number, and bank information will be sent.

You can make your payment directly to our bank account in the form of a money order or EFT.

In order for the money transfer/EFT payment of your order to be processed, you must specify your 5-digit order number in the explanation part of the receipt during the payment.

You should not write any text other than your 5-digit order number in the description section.

In order for your order not to be canceled, you must make your money order/EFT payment within 3 working days. Orders whose payment is not received by us are automatically canceled at the end of 3 working days.

Payments made are confirmed within 2 business days according to the order of the money order/EFT. Your order will not be shipped until your payment is confirmed.

To speed up the process, you can send your receipt to us by sending an e-mail to

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More than one payment method cannot be used while making a payment.

We cannot accept the following payment methods for on-site online sales:


Payment on delivery (door)



Up to 12 installments can be made in the dimensions determined by your bank for the bank credit cards with which the iyzico infrastructure is contracted.

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